San Jose juniper

So I’ve been very fortunate thus far where all of my trees are healthy. I got this tree in August I believe. This sort of graying and browning has been happening basically since I got it. It isn’t large twigs or branches at a time so I thought time might deal with it. Is this phomopsis or something else? It is a variegated San Jose.

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So definitely some tip necrosis. Doesn’t look homogenous, but a lot of it seems to be limited to new growth. So it could be phomopsis yes. Having said that i see some older die back and some damage to individual needles, so could also be scale. Maybe both.

This could help in identification:

Also important to remember, variegated varieties stress more easily and photosynthesise less effectively so if there has been a misstep in the culture at some point, it could also be causing the issue. Stress can also trigger phomopsis outbreaks as well.

*edit- Just noticed now, a few months had passed. How is she looking?

A lot better. I hit it two times with copper fungicide and kept it separate from my other trees. We’ll see in April. Thanks for the response.