Safari root drench and junipers

I applied safari as a root drench. Should I place the trees in shade for several weeks?

Thank you

No, I see no need for that at all.

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Thank you for the reply today.

Need more info. Is that all that was done? Why was this done? Sorry, I’m not familiar with that product.

Safari is an insecticide. I applied to several junipers due to a scale outbreak last year, and unfortunately it is still present.

Ah okay, I use a product called Drench which is basically imidacloprid. Works well for me. I don’t move the trees.

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I suggest avoiding imidacloprid on flowering trees since it is long lasting and kills the pollinators such as bees.

Safari moves and works within the tree just imidacloprid. It does tend to be metabolize quicker the imidacloprid. We use safari to treat aphids in box elder at work. For the most part any systemic insecticide can effect pollinators. My company tries to time our systemic applications to avoid the flowering time of the plants and therefore avoid any major damage to the pollinator population. It is not full proof, but most of customers don’t tolerate the damage to the appearance to the landscape.