Ryan's self critique Limber pines explanation about design

I am struggling to understand the concept of design for Limber Pines and preventing the sagging of an Asymmetrical design.

I have a Limber Pine that has some interesting design opportunities.

With that being said, in recent Limber pine videos that an Asymmetrical design is not sustainable.

In the recent critique Ryan somewhat explains how we can achieve sustainable design with Limber pines.

Can anyone share insight or their experience with Limber pine.

Thank you


Nice tree!
I think…
The most significant point he was making, was that his tree had dead wood on the OUTSIDE of the lower trunk curve. The live vein was not substantial enough to support all of the weight cantelivered out asymmetrically. The deadwod was relaxing, and the right side was drooping. Non-sustainable from the inception.
The redesign should bring the center of weight back enough to be sustainable. I personaly could see no path to do this. Just repotting, turning the trunk and pointing it upright is not gonna do it. Reducing of top weight, it will just regrow, eventually breaking the trunk. Will wait n see!
I HAD a small chinese juniper with a similar problem. The dead wood section broke through. Survived several years with a spline, died after a repot…
Maybe a stainless steel spine surgical implant!
Your tree trunk doesn’t appear to have this problem! Closeups of the trunk?

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Here are close ups


I think @Chicago_bonsai’s tree may have some of the same issues as the one Ryan critiqued. I know Ryan said there would be a follow up stream of the styling after his tree recovers from the repotting, but I really would have liked to see a simple picture of the tree in the new orientation at the end of the min-stream. I think it would have really helped from the educational perspective of the piece to actually see the proposed correction of the planting angle rather than a drawing on an old picture from before the initial styling.

This tree is a stunner @Chicago_bonsai! I like the 4th picture as the front but it may suffer the same fate as Ryan’s tree with the deadwood on the outside.

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