Questions about bonsai development

hey a few questions about when to shape and how to (if i even should) try to force back budding and maintain a certain height. i know i want to mostly let it run wild to gain that thickness but i guess is controlling the apex necessary during development.

back budding should i try to increase that during development

when is the appropriate time to start shaping the main structure (i live in Fresno California growing zone 9b)

more specifically controlling the height of a coastal redwood
and when to shape a valley oak (native to where i live easier care)
backbuding ive never been 100% on maybe i should try to find some videos

thank you hopefully this will help me produce quality trees for the decades ahead

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Hi Josh, welcome to the Morai forum. A great place to improve your knowledge given by those who have gone through the learning experience and have the scars to prove it…
I find it’s best being specific when you post as those of us who have the variety of tree you have questions about will be glad to help. A photo is always useful. This will ensure you get the very best answers possible.
I think you are too late to do the coastal redwood and given the speed of growth of the valley oak it would be best to wait until autumn.

thank you for the advise ill keep those things in mind next time i post

my tress are still young and i do need to learn more some more time to settle and grow will probably do the trees some good