Portuguese Oak (Quercus Faginea) development

Wanted to share another of my personal blog entries, this time about the two year development of my Portuguese Oak (Quercus Faginea). Click here if you are interested to read the full text and see the pictures.

I had the fortune to be able to purchase this very old tree with fantastic bark and amazingly small leafs two years ago. Although it doesn’t have the classic oak form I still like it how it has developed so far.



Amazing trunk. Wow. :slight_smile:

Please give us a full tree photo.!

Hi Kurt, here a link to a video of the tree: https://instagram.com/p/Br3j08KCLgs/

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Full tree image from last year’s spring.



That is some sexy bark.

Great trunk and bark but the original tree was much more natural looking and pleasing.:wink:

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that is one sexy tree you have there. I need to get me few of those acorns.

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