Pomegranate in trouble

So here’s that pomegranate 1 year later. Thanks to my wife’s insistence, we nursed this tree along rather than give up on it (see photos from 2018). In this case, patience has paid off; I have put it on a new journey to becoming a literati.



And a 2nd photo here:


The lack of appreciation for you saying “WONDERFUL” is disappointing.

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As usual, I was taken for granate. :wink:

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Aw it looks great! Thanks for keeping us posted!

I have had collected poms leaf out after sitting for two years. Patience pays off

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Excellent news.
Now you have a tree with a real story to tell.

(I wish I lived in a place where “collected poms” were a reality!)

We just recently published a new care guide for Pomegranate bonsai that may be of interest to anyone who has been following this thread. We’ll be adding new species care guides to this list frequently; stay tuned for more to follow.

Well, the journey for my pomegranate has come to an end. After an amazing recovery during the summer of 2018 (see thread above), and nearly 4 years of nurturing, the tree apparently gave up.

Stored it in a climate controlled greenhouse this past winter as I do with about 1/2 my collection…but when I brought it out this April there was no sign of life. Not a single branch pushed a bud. Gave it til now (early June) thinking maybe it was slow to come to life - it hasn’t and it’s time to move on.

Disappointed but thought I’d share. I recognize and understand it’s all part of our bonsai experience.


Sorry Richard, that’s a real bummer. I know the feeling. I lost a Pom this winter as well, not sure how or why. Everything else that was overwintered indoors woke up. This one did not.