Pinyon Pine re-structuring

I’m trying to change the design of this 2017-collected Pinyon Pine Yamadori.

I’m attempted to bring the far left branch up to have a slanting or swept by wind style and not sure how I would work on the bottom branches that are pointing to the front. I’m trying to keep the front as showed in the pics to expose as much as possible the natural shari/jin.

The pic bellow shows the front perspective of the tree:

The pic below is the close up on the far left down branch that I’d like to bring up to make this yamadori in a slant style:

I’ve noticed since last time I wired and pruned this pine, some branches are back budding well. Should I re-style if at this time of the year?

I’m not intending to do any pruning though. Or should I keep one year longer and wait the back-budding to develop more? Any critique is more than welcome here.

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