Ph Meter, purchase

From the Q and A. Is the place to go for Ph meters. Ryan suggest purchasing in the $100-150. Range.

Hope that helps

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I have lots of experience with digital PH meters. They work well, but have to be calibrated in PH range solution every use to be accurate and they do stop working eventually. After years of using PH meters daily, I digressed to where I started and use the simple shake test kit you get in the indoor garden store. They are surprisingly accurate. I use to do side by side comparison with my digital and it was always accurate.
Only $10 for a shaker kit and a fraction of the headache. :joy::joy:
But this has just been my experience, everyone has their preferences.

The “essentials”brand PH meter is very accurate and should last a year before requiring replacement. It’s a digital Ph meter that won’t require calibration every use. Every three months with daily use should be more than enough.

There are two types of pH meters . One for Water. Two for soil . Just because you water with a pH of 6.7 does not change the fact that the soil you’ve selected might read very acidic or alikine .


Just FYI…
pH of soil is not complicated, however must be done as a standard procedure to be consistant and accurate…

  • The pH meter / probe is calibrated using pH 7 buffer solution, pH 4 and 9 are used to check accuracy.
  • 20 g of soil is weighed and transferred into a clean 100 mL beaker.
  • 40 mL DISTILLED water is added and stirred well with a glass rod.
  • This was allowed to stand for half an hour with intermittent stirring.
  • To the soil water suspension in the beaker, the electrode is immersed and pH value determined from the display of the pH meter.
    Cheep meters may only be accurate to 0.5+/-.
    The pH of water should be done at room temp. Cold or hot will skew the number. A lot…
    Hope this helps.