Electronic Tester vs Manual Test Kit

Would love some feedback on pH testing for both soil and water.
Will an electronic Tester do both?
Is a manual testing kit better than electronic?
What is everyone using?

Many thanks

I bought the Pros pen-type pH meter for water testing after using an indicator solution kit from a hydroponics store. In very limited testing I like it. I need to do work with it a bit more to see how stable it is and how often I need to make calibration solutions. I have not done any soil based testing with it, but can imagine soaking the soil in de-ionized water and then testing the water.

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Awesome info Marty thank you :ok_hand:

Electronic. Both have cons and pros.
pH meter is way more accurate… you must be consistant in your method!
Laboratory Testing — Method

  1. Weigh 20 g of soil sample into a 100 mL beaker.
  2. Add 20 mL of deionized (DI) water and place on a stirrer to mix for 30 minutes.
  3. Cover and let stand for an hour, measure water.
  4. For the most accurate measurements, allow the buffers and the soil sample both to come to room temperature.**
    Follow manufacturers method for probe storage, calibration and use. Some will also give a dissolved solid number.
    I suggest measuring the collected water in a tray after flowing through bonsai pot. Mminimal amount of slow flow.
    Be consistent.
    Also, measure the water before.
    Keep records over time. It will change.
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Amazing!! Thanks Kurt :raised_hands::raised_hands: