Peter Warren wire cutters/branch trimmers

Has anybody seen those wire cutters Peter used in the Japanese Maple stream to trim branches? Can’t seem to find anything similar at Home Depot, Lowes, local hardware stores.

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It is made by a japanese company called 3peaks. It’s a wire cutter. Just google 3peaks plastic nipper. It is sold on ebay and i think there is also a US website that sells them :


Thanks for the web site!

This looks like the one -


Peter Warren uses 3Peak and the above website on this blog will get you to the tool he uses. To be exact follow the Japanese Maple archive live stream April 5th 2018 and scroll the video to 1:11:35. He uses LS-01 nippers. I have a pair that I use in my Bonsai garden and use them constantly. They are a great addition to the garden. You can also find the on EBay for a pretty good price.