Peeled deadwood style

Here is a Thuja occidentalis that was exhibited at the 2018 annual exhibition of the Societé de Bonsai et Penjing de Montreal. In my opinion the best tree in the show because of the deadwood. According to the creator of this piece, which I must apologize I forgot her name, it is natural.

What is most striking for me is the jin on the top/front that appears as it is peeled off.

Take a look at the detail picture:

It seems to me that this effect could be created artificially by instead of simply removing small fibres or cutting indiscriminately a fresh jin, peeling off a good chunk and positioning at will with wire until it dries off. This technique that I am proposing could work particularly well in Junipers where 50% of a branch needs to be removed to perform a major bend. It is a waste of deadwood to cut branches off, at the same time leaving them as they are seems quite limiting and aesthetically poor. This opens really a lot more design possibilities.

The deadwood at the base is also quite interesting as the hollow extends towards the roots.

So there you go, a new technique/style for the toolbox: Peeled deadwood style. Enjoy.


@ryan, what do you think of the potential of this technique?

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