Organic Fertilizer NPK 4-3-7 - Too Much Potassium?

Is an organic fertilizer with an NPK of 4-3-7 too high in Potassium (K) for trees in pots?

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Hi @Bob_McCarlie
There are a lot of “depends” to your question.
Depends on what type of tree, where you are growing, what you want to achieve.

I’m looking for an organic fertilizer that I can use instead of biogold. For all types of trees. I’m in Southern Ontario (GTHA).

Miracle-Gro has a new pelletized organic 4-3-7 fertilizer. I’m just cocerned that the potassium level may be too high and result in a buildup of potassium salts in the pots. A pelletized fertilizer is easier to apply than water soluble ones that you have to mix up and lug around the garden watering trees. I have a lot of trees.

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I use the Dr. Earth pelletized fertilizer. The lawn fertilizer tends to be higher in nitrogen and is lower cost. That might be a good thing to mix with the Miracle-Gro if it is available to you.

If it is an Organic fertilizer, your probably OK. Just don’t over apply. It WILL take longer to see an effect.
My current Biogold organic is 4-5-4. Use Ryans volumes for application and you should be good. Watch the appropriate videos!
A TRUE Organic fertilizer doesn’t have SOLUBLE potassium salts. Organic fertilizers are slow and SOFT fertiilzers. Inorganic fertilizers are QUICK and harsh… Both can be safe and effective when used appropriately. You dont mix organic fertilizers in water, this does NOT release nutrients. (If you let it set in a bucket of water, you may grow the wrong types of non-oxygen using microbes-- that could be deadly…)
The potassium ( and all of the nutrients!) are bound up in the organic solids. They must be SLOWLY digested! Hence, the microbiom is involved. Fungi and bacteria… A GOOD thing that inorganics won’t generate! You WILL see mold and nats (flies)!
Bonsai On!