Oregon Yamadori - Question About Legality

Hello all!

I have seen many posts and videos on YouTube and other places about people going out and collecting some gorgeous trees from nature. I understand the general idea and I am only just in the planning / idea phase of this adventure but I have some concerns about the legality of going out and harvesting a tree. I contacted the Oregon Department of Forestry and the person I talked with wasn’t very helpful and did not seem to know much about what I was talking about haha.

Long story short, could anybody link me to where I could look into obtaining permits / permission to actually participate in yamadori?? I am having a difficult time figuring this out for some reason.

PS. I’m not looking for horticultural advice or information on how to actually transplant a tree, I’m not going anytime soon and I’m just in the phase of wrapping my mind around the permitting process.

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Depending on where you are collecting, you will need to obtain permits from the federal forestry service, blm or the state department (or the property owner if it is private property). The permits differ between agencies but are basically for plant material extraction and there will be limits on what each permit allows