Oh mame this was fun

I decided to get some mame pots and put some extra seedlings in them. I received the pots yesterday once I had filled a few I decided to hunt aroud the yard and see what else I could find to stuff in them. I am quite pleased with the results. I have never tried to keep mame trees befor. Anybody got any tips or tricks.


I did the same this year. I used the mirai top dressing instead of pushing live moss in the top, and im really glad I did. The top dressing shows me which ones need water and which dont. I was very surprised to see which were thirsty, and which were not so.

Water and light balance is very important. Some might need to be watered several times a day. Its also a great time to develop radial roots for when they grow up big and strong

Bonsai on

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Also I would be very cautious potting up deciduous already in leaf. Heres hoping!

For the summertime it is good to wrap the pots in some wet towel/cloth or else the pots heat up really fast and high. With a wet cloth around you can manage watering these small trees a lot better.

They look all great. Enjoy.