Nursery stock series: deciduous?

Hi @Sam, I was going through the nursery stocks series, and would like to ask if it is possible to have one on deciduous, so that we see the different works to be done over seasons and years? Cheers,


The beginner series is as close to this that I can think of. Sadly, they don’t finish the deciduous tree in that series. :cry:

indeed @Bonsai_Bentley, thanks for your contribution. In the nursery stock series however, the content we receive is much more elaborated, and there is also the possibility to follow the tree across seasons in different streams. Best 2020 Wishes!

When Ryan was picking getting the cryptomeria from the first nursery stock series, he found a linden he really liked. If I recall correctly, there was a stream with that very same linden.

Pretty sure it’s the second half of this video.

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thank you @nmhansen. There is also this one which is a great stream on deciduous: DECIDUOUS FOCUS

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Hey @diabolo! This is a great idea and one we’re definitely planning to work on in 2020. We’ll also be putting out more beginner series videos, so watch for that in 2020 as well!

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