Nursery Stock Mugo Pine - Next steps?

Dear Mirai community,

During a recent trip to a garden center, I discovered this Mugo Pine “Peterle” and simply couldn’t resist the temptation… :blush:
The tree seems already fairly developed for a nursery stock. It measures approx. 55 cm from the lip of the pot and the trunk is about 7 cm in diameter at the base. I think it has the potential to become quite an amazing bonsai and probably the center piece of my small collection. This is equally exciting and scaring, as I feel absolutely unsure where to start the development of this tree.
I’d love to hear your recommendations as to what I should do next… Repot this spring? Or firstly clean it out, structurally prune it and wait until next year to repot?
Any advice is most welcome.


It has the most foliage and resources now, so I would say first step should be an initial repot when seasonally appropriate for your location.

I agree with repotting into a good bonsai soil. You should be able to get the outer roots established in good soil this time and then do the inner roots in about 3 years.