Newly collected Celtis laevigata

I collected multple sugarberry this time last year and had no trouble. The tree in photographs was collected a week ago and had no lateral roots. only a tap with short hair roots. Keep 3 foot of the tap. Bark will turn bright green when misted and keeping a mist on it. Is the any thing I can do to help this poor tree?

Hi @AndyHoward,
Summer is not usually a good time to collect. The tree may have got by on its reserves last year. I would be thinking about putting it back in the ground, in the shade and cutting back all the dead foliage. I’m afraid the odds may not be in your favour with this one. The important thing is to learn and not make the same mistake again.

Worked at a nursery in high school. we dug trees year round. Just never seen a tree with no roots to hold the root ball to it. Collected 3 possumhaws the same day and are pushing new buds. bark continues to turn more green not giving up on it yet.