New bald cypress nursery stock. Advice needed

@BillsBayou :point_up:

you think is a bad location to plant taxodium in ground?
May be better in container.

Full sun! Be sure not to let the root ball dry out. If that’s a problem, then add more organics to your mix. The issue is not that the trees enjoy wet soil, it’s that the leaves transpire heavily. All those little leaves pump the soil dry.

If you want to plant it in the ground, choose a sunny spot. I have no idea how the French government would react to you planting a bald cypress in the ground. But then, Louisiana used to be a French territory, so say you bought it then.


no wexdon’t have problem we can plant whatever we want. should be a legal plant &not drug for sure.

thaank’s for the advices Billy


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We recently published a new care guide for Bald cypress bonsai that may be of interest to anyone who’s been following this thread. We’ll be adding new species care guides to this list frequently, so check back for more to follow.

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This is really cool!