Needles dying on Lodgepole Pine

I repotted in April, kept in an unheated sunroom for several weeks since weather was still very unstable then put it outside. Since then pairs of needles have been turning yellow and dieing off. It’s not just the oldest needles either, pretty randomly throughout the needle mass. Its probably lost near 50% when compared to a photo after repotting. Almost all tips have healthy new buds set though.

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It looks like there is a good bit of needle cast throughout the tree. I treat that with Daconil on Ponderosa Pine. Some can chime in on what they use on this species.
As for the other needles dropping is it because of the fungal issue? or maybe removed to many roots? Remove to much soil? Over watering?


Needlecast. In the last photo, is the black mass under the buds fungus?
Check your other pines, and treat now…
Do you use fall sulfer?
Lodge pole are single flush? Good luck…

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