Need your help for sick tree

Hello Mirai Community,

Asking for your help identifying issue and best course for re-action. The tree was repotted beginning of the year and showed good health throughout the spring and summer. Some weeks ago the first branches started to turn yellow and later on dyed off/turned fully brown.

The pine standing next to the it had a fungal issue treated earlier the year and also now developed some brown needles.
The weather recently turned colder and autumn rain/wetness set in.

Any suggestions on what to do now?

Thanks in advance.


I would keep it out of the rain, maybe under a porch/patio or greenhouse with as much light as possible. Water as needed ensuring that the soil dries out fully on the surface to the depth of about 1 inch between waterings. Do not fertilize until the tree is healthy, which might mean no fall & spring fertilization this year. I would apply a copper fungicide or limesulfur application to the foilage and roots every week for 3-4 weeks. You can even use hydrogen peroxide for this as well.

Hi @antelion
If you are in the north hemisphere you should be experiencing Autumn about now…

The soil looks very dark to me. Is it a peat mixture?
Possibly a root problem. If the soil stays saturated the plant will die.
Protect from rain and let the soil dry down. Junipers stay green for some time after they have died. The foliage will discolor and eventually turn brown. Hope for the best, and learn from mistakes that we have all made. What zone are you in. Is winter care in the near future?

Dear all,

Yes, Europe, and we have autumn now. It is 1:1:1, so no organics in the soil. The dark colour is from the top dressing and the decomposing fertilizer. Fungicide was already applied and will move it outside the rain now.

Thanks for your suggestions

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