Need help on video suggestions for my tree species : juniperus sabina, picea sitchensis and a pinus cembra


I have a juniperus sabina, picea sitchensis and a pinus cembra, but I can’t find specific videos to these species.
From my research I gathered, that the closest I could come to similarity in species is the following:

juniperus sabina → Sierra Juniper / juniperus occidentalis
picae sitchensis → colorado blue spruce / picea pungens
pinus cembra → japanese white pine / pinus parviflora

What do you think? Do you have other suggestions on what species would be best or what videos from the library to watch?

Thanks for your suggestions.

For the cembra, if it’s a five needle pine you can also look at the limber pine videos.

For the Sabina have a look at Mauro Stemeberger’s videos as he has worked on a few. Also look for Bjorn Bjorholm (Eisei en) working on them with Rafa at Bonsai Sense in Europe.

ah thank you. That is good to know. How would I find out IF it is a five needle pine. Did Ryan say anything about that?

Thank you, that is good to know. But do you recall if Ryan ever said which juniper he works on is closest to a sabina?

Just count the needles in each bunch.

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4-5. so thats automatically a 5 Needle Single Flush pine then? Thanks!

I don’t remember, sorry…