Mystery guest in my Fungus Reactor

Fungus Reactor (more on that later, if successful) had a mystery guest show up and I am hoping someone can tell me what it is and whether it would be beneficial or detrimental to my bark composter. I have only seen small signs visible on the bark nuggets (1/2” for scale) of fungal threads developing…but then this batch of eggs (snails?) or slime molds or ? showed up. Any ideas?

Sure look like snail or slug eggs to me. Squishem!

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Thanks…I should have googled it first. Looks exactly like slug eggs. Slugs are everywhere here…but mostly stay out of the pots.

I am inclined to remove them. Not sure they would harm the composting of the bark, but going to err on that side.

The “Fungus Reactor” is 3 weeks in process, and seeing some good fungus just starting to take off.

Fungus reactor? Should I be interested in this?

Not all who follow my wanderings end up lost, but most do. That’s just sad facts.

I can’t remember if I posted it here (don’t think I did) but I had a crazy idea to try and develop some of the soil components before placing them into the pot. I am still wrapping my mind around the concept, but it goes something like this:

Create a tiered chamber system with layers of bark (2 shredded over 1 nuggets) on top of a layer of ~45% pumice, ~45% scoria and ~10% charcoal. Gently irrigate daily with dechlorinated water such that the bark chambers create a fungus and microorganism rich leachate that can begin to enrich and leverage the mineral content in the scoria.

This system would somewhat mimic a natural soil column in a wooded forest in volcanic terrain…and the idea would be that rather than potting with raw soil components, you would be starting with a somewhat more matured granular mix that is ready to leverage its own nutritional components.

Ultimately, I would intend to harvest only the nuggets and the bottom chamber soil components.


Interesting. If you’ve got that kind of dedication you could look into creating your own worm castings with a worm farm. Sounds like they’re super beneficial.

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