Mycorrhiza clogging pot?

Hi All,

I have a pine with slow drainage and after scraping the top layer of soil I found pretty intact mix. However the white mycorrhiza was everywhere, including completely covering the drainage holes. Just wondering if you can have ‘too much of a good thing’ to the point where it is hindering drainage.

I also thought that I could a gradient where bottom 1/3 of the mix is broken down or something but I repotted last spring so all signs point to something else, and the mycorrhizae is all I can think of.

Anyone have this experience?

Does the pine look healthy? Do the tree roots go all the way down to drainage screen? Post a photo if you can.
…You may have TOO much organic mater in your soil mix…?
If it is pine micorrizia, good. Except drainage. Redo the bottom 1/3, with the aeration layer on bottom (1/2" size). Don’t disrupt top 2/3 roots much.
Probably not root aphids? Not a real obvious visual difference.
Watch the latest Mirai “Rocky mountain juniper second repot” video; AND look at the forum conversation: Root Aphids - Shot the video today. Nematodes have been applied. Real obvious when you see these.
When I have seen real WELL established fungal mycelium, it did have a hydrophobic layer, would slow water drainage… Have you seen mushrooms yet?:roll_eyes:

Thanks Kurt. The pine does look healthy. Last springs repot cleaned out the field soil from the shin so it sulked a bit last year. It wasn’t decandled at all.

I use boons mix and switched to Biogold for all my trees last year. I don’t think the roots have filled the pot yet. Was hoping to not disturb the roots but it sounds like it is the best course.

I’m in the northeast and haven’t seen root aphids yet…ever. I do have some pines in colanders where the outside of the colander is also pretty covered with the white stuff coming through.

Thanks again! I’ll see if I can get some photos tomorrow to follow up.


Hi Chris, I’ve just gone through the same symptoms with my pine as you have encountered. I’ve noticed a lack of vigor in my tree and with the upcoming spring push of needles was finding it increasingly hard to get water into the pot, tried a tape barrier around the outer top of the pot to drive water through to the roots, the white mycorrhiza was everywhere, including mine too, completely covering the drainage holes. My tree is way behind the others pines that I have with the needle push. So… Digested Ryan’s Re-potting Fundamentals stream which was half the battle as to what I should expect to find and to execute a healthy repot of my Pine. (Thank you Ryan for the Re-potting Fundamentals stream, executed very well). Step by step removed the pine from the pot, (did not find any bonsai ninja’s !!!) used the paint scraper method to remove half inch from the underside, (just managed to get the dough nut hole !!!) and found a very healthy root system and all the akadama intact, the sides against the pot were very root bound and what seemed to be very organic in nature or could be just decayed root mass, anyway, it was a mess. Chop sticked half inch of this matter away back to friable akadama and hey presto, I now have a Pine that I feel can be moved on with it’s health and evolution.
I’ve uploaded a few photo’s.
Re-poted in the Boon mix and top dressed with sphagnum and collected moss.
Keeping it in a bright sheltered spot in the garden for a couple of weeks.
Hope this helps.
Regards from the UK.

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Do you sift your pumice? Or other components? That looks like crushed dust from soil.

Yes I sifted and washed the pumice along with the akadama prior to the repot… if your referring to a bit of old soil to the left of the lighter, was placed on top just to cover one of the holding down wires (had a few problems that side and used two pieces of bamboo inserted as support)

From here… it looks exactly like a fungal mycelium pad.
Appears you are doing ok!
The tree LOOKS very healthy, too… what kind ?
Watch the pine videos. A little wire, some trimming, pretty nice…