Multi Species Forest Planting?

Hello All

I have a few European Beech and European Hornbeam that are young, and I had an urge to plant them together with the grand idea of lots of fall colors, I also was thinking a penjing would be fun. Plus I have a large oval itching for a job.

Developer them in the same pot? Or individually?

Pros and cons?

Different soil mixtures within the same vessel to accommodate the different species?

Suggestions welcome!



You say they are young. Are they as large as you want to put them into a ceramic container?
If they need to grow then developing them in a grow box, colander,or anderson flat would allow them to increase in size. Or… if you want rapid growth to grow them in the ground in raised beds. All depends on what you want to accomplish. Saburo Kato has several examples of mixed species forests. He worked with larger trees to make it appear to be mature plantings. Check out the photo from BONSAI BARK. Mixed Bonsai Forests & Other Wonders – Stone Lantern Share photos of your material if you can.


They are currently in the development stage and won’t be planted up until next year if I go individually or maybe even in the ground to do a forest planting if the mixed species idea works.