Mugo on a slab inspired by the Sub-alpine Fir Icon of August

Before/after mugo pine on a cement slab. The base is on the left, the apex on the right. No trunk line connecting the two. There are branches and foliage coming from under the container, tree and rock are intertwined and seem as if they were always one. I created this a few days after the first session of the sub-alpine fir icon of august tree that Ryan worked on with the tree planted under the slab. I was not aware at the time I created this that subconsciously the icon of august had influenced me. Clearly it did. At the time though I was trying to find a solution for the long thin branches of the pine while creating an organic looking result. I am quite happy with the result. I did not fully wire the foliage but wanted to have a nearly finished look. I am happy with the result.


Super cool, great job! Very original. I’d love to see how it develops.

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Thanks @joe_d, I will come back with new pictures next year. I can’t wait to see how it looks in 10 years though.

Isn’t it late in the year to be repotting a pine? What is your after care for it?

The repot was more like placing the tree on its side and it was done 10 days ago perhaps a week later than ideal for a late summer repot here in Montreal. Mugo pine are very successfully repotted in late summer in Europe. We still have about 6 weeks before night temperatures fall below 45F but in any case, I will be protecting this tree over winter in my cold greenhouse - usually around the first week of November all trees are under their required level of protection.