Looking for resources on planting trees in the ground

I am looking for info like when is it best to plant, how to facilitate the eventual collection of it, soil considerations, watering/fertilization/pruning/wiring need changes etc. Would appreciate any resources on this subject matter.

I was also hoping to find some videos in the library but not sure if there are any or just not looking up the right words. I’d appreciate any video recommendation from the mirai library that might delve into this.

There’s a lot of nuance to ground planting of trees. It is a good method to develop quickly, however not the only one.
Check out the BlackPondo pod cast, they just did a discussion with Eric from Bonsify where he describes some techniques!
I can describe my technique but it’s a long discussion, if you still have questions following pod casts reach out! I do a lot of field growing at my facility.


There have also been some podcasts with the folks from Telperion Farms that are quite informative. I can’t remember if they are on Asymmetry, Bonsai Wire, or both. There is also a Field Growing podcast on Asymmetry with Randy Knight.


I believe I pasted a few chunks of the Telperion Farms podcast transcript in different horticulture threads here. There is also some decent info imbedded in this podcast but not nearly as exhaustive as the previously mentioned. Iseli Nursery With Joe Harris: P

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I don’t have a ton of years experience with field growing but my whole backyard landscape and design is built around field growing. I shared some pictures recently in a different thread about garden design. But I figured you might find it useful. Almost 80% of what you see is in a grow bag Telperion style in raised mulch beds. My garden is in year 5 of the build, all by hand by me with local resources. It looks more like a yard than a war zone for the first year.

Far from done but hopefully it gives you a different perspective on what field growing can look like…even field growing takes a while so why not make it as beautiful as possible since most of the trees at most of our house’s are in the development phase.

[Uploading: IMG_20230609_191418_587~2.jpg…]
As for soil and the other nuanced approaches I would be happy to share what I have done, hasn’t worked and am currently trying in a DM because it’s too subjective and across to many axioms to make a blanket statement that would be more accurate than the Telperion pod cast. For example punice is fortunate for me to get where I am in the east coast so I opt for the highest quality 1/4;1/2 inch perilolite I can get as a 1:1 substitute but I know it’s going to stay wetter than pumice so I adjust my water accordingly. Before it goes in a root bag initial soil and rootwork set up must be done… strength is a feel ( did it get an escape room out and is being ultra vigorous or the opposite) in a bag In the ground, buys you a mistake you made on one day when it’s 90+ …it’s a buffer but you can’t be neglectful and expect to speed up the development… intention and intention still required


Thanks for all the suggestions, have been slowly going through some of those podcasts and already expanding my knowledge so much. That is a beautiful garden! I really enjoy the idea of building a garden with field growing as part of its aesthethic. Really inspiring work specially seeing the before/after pictures. Appreciate the inspiration, sources and advice from everyone!

Any other suggestions,pointers,inspiration,advice are welcome

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