Lonicera “common as muck”

I attended the All British Bonsai show last week in Bristol and among some of the amazing trees there, I was particularly impressed by this lonicrea.

This species is commonly used around hear in hedges, and along with privet, is as common as muck.
What really took my breath was the level of detail and refinement shown to this lowly species. Each branch has been set with care and for-thought.
I find it amusing that we go in search of the exotic and then try to grow trees that don’t want to live where we do, when we have trees in our gardens that we ignore.
I don’t remember the artist name.


Do you know what the top soil is? Looks similar to moist akadama but darker. Very nice!

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This is one of my core beliefs in what makes bonsai a pleasure to do. Going against this is why many growers are disappointed in bonsai.

And yet, someone is looking at this beautiful bonsai and asking themselves “I wonder how I can get lonicera in my area? Are these difficult to grow? What special care will I need to give it because it grows in zone X and I live in zone Y?” Look to your own landscape, young grasshopper, or I shall crush you under my boot.

No, but really, how do I get lonicera to grow here in Louisiana?


Like we all have heard @ryan say “any tree can be a bonsai” :metal:t2::evergreen_tree::+1:t2:

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:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :+1::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

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Yes @MarkC
Fine akadama

Beautifully styled lonicera. Edit: I found out the exhibitor is called Brian McKichan. Thanks for posting @AndyK - did you take any more photos from the show in Bristol you could post? This is Dan Barton organising, right? I wanted to make it but had other plans that weekend. Hopefully, it’s on next year, I love the concept.

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Here are a few more @Ralph. Yes, it was Dan’s show.


Thanks @AndyK. I do really like Steve McKee’s hawthorn (second to last image you posted) but Brian McKichan’s Lonicera is probably my favourite.


Lonicera “hedging honeysuckle” like ligustrum “privet” grows like a weed in the UK and I consider them the Uks Olive regarding the punishment and pruning they will take, ridiculously easy as cuttings and often found as great urban yamadori in hedges and woods, you get a ton of white flowers followed by small purple berries similar to Callicarpa. Great tree👍