Little critters in the soil

Hi Everyone,
Can anyone shed any light on what these the critters are, are they harmful or not?
Dont seem to be affecting the tree right now but would like to be safe than sorry.

look like young Chilopoda (centipedes) to me. so hunting for other insects and not your tree (or parts thereof).


this is what i have found, Not sure what to do about them though.

not sure if yours are developed enough. count the leg pairs. centipedes have uneven # (as the first pair will develop into the “claws”. The feeding of fine roots is worrying.

What tree is infested? If it’s deciduous it won’t be long before you can do a repot and get rid of the nasty little '…ers, but if coniferous you could try something like vine weevil killer (that also kills other beasties). I would now be frantically checking every other of my trees, just to be sure they aren’t also infested.

It’s a tropical. Not seen any other of the trees with them. Have seen that a soil drench neem oil mixture should do the trick. Will give that a go before repotting. Tree not showing signs of weakness. Will be keeping a close eye on it though.

Hello. Have similar in a bald cypress but they are redish. Did the neem oil work?

Hi @caleb, I did the drench and let the soil properly dry out, it seemed to get rid of them, well they have gone anyway.

These guys would not bother me. Looks like a hatch…
However, they ARE preditors. Something else is there they are eating… look deaper.

Centipedes bad, millipedes good.