Learning Path based on video selection

I would love to hear feedback from the Mirai Community and the Mirai Team on the following idea:

make available a “learning path” based on video selection;

There are now a lot of videos thanks to the hard work made by Ryan and its team. The existing filters helps to find a video however can’t help the member to progress in term of which video suits best a certain learning path, independently from the season, and even from the species that the member is cultivating . Also, there are video dedicated to a a tree , reflected in the title, during which Ryan may explain a very important point on ,let’s say, repotting, or fertilisation, and therefore should be part of a learning path on those 2 last topics. Examples:

  • List item
  • generic knowledge for beginners up to advanced on the basic elements of horticulture
  • learning path on wiring
  • learning path, across season, on a specific variety of tree
  • etc
    We can imagine different “learning path” related to different topics and subject, taking into consideration that the learning curve can vary depending on the species and seasons.

It will help Mirai members to curate the streams library, and in particular new comers who can wonder how to start and progress in viewing all the materials made available.

And with some Artificial Intelligence in the system, the learning path can even be built by the member itself, through a set of specific questions … The Mirai 3.0!

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Hi @Diabolo. It sounds like a lot of hard work for someone to set up something so detailed as a learning path. It could also lead to additional expenses for Mirai.
How about trying something like this. You will need to make a few notes for yourself along the way.

  1. Start with SOIL. Ryan describes the basics of the various soil components and which trees to use which mix for.
  2. Choose a genus of tree, eg elongating species, deciduous, or conifer.
  3. Choose a variety of tree that you own eg zelkova, juniper yew etc.
  4. Select the season you require (or are currently in) and select the required video.
  5. Watch the video (avidly), take notes as required or, play whilst working on your own tree and following Ryan’s information.
  6. You can then select the next season’s video when you need it, take larch for example and pruning it three times during the growing season.
    There are also separate repotting videos which you could slot in between 3 & 4 above (or whenever).
    The wiring videos are a must for everybody.
    On the videos Ryan works on trees and there are plenty of close ups to view how he accomplishes this and he does generally explain horticultural aspects required by the tree he is working on.
    It also depends greatly upon your individual experience and knowledge, where you are in the world and your own specific environment, what stage of development each of your trees are at as to which videos you watch.
    A huge plus is the amount of videos one can view during the winter months when not working on your trees (hence note taking is an absolute must!)…
    I hope this helps in the meantime for you…

thank you very much @Keith-in-UK for taking the time to provide this guidance: very much appreciated! :pray: