Kalmia latifolia | mountain laurel

Anyone here have any experience with Kalmia latifolia, the mountain laurel? I finally collected one today. Then my Google search only turned up one decent one. I was kind of surprised, then a little nervous. It’s native flowering broadleaf evergreen. Lovely little delicate teacup like flowers. If anyone has any experience, advice or insights that would be great.

Sorry for the poor picture it’s in quarantine and it looked like the deer beat me to it by a day.


I have a couple of nursery stock pieces of material that I am working with. Potted them this last spring. Seem to be doing well so far, but don’t have a lot of advice to offer yet. Agree that their flowers are amazing.

The other nice thing is they root extremely easy, continuously ground layering themselves in nature. I have another that’s still in recovery that I intend on air layering into a cascade.