John Naka's Goshin III Inspirational Demo Video, Article & Pics

The other weekend I had the privilege to see, in person, Goshin III put back together after a 4 year hiatus due to the deteriorating health of the trees. Ted Matson, the curator at The Huntington Library, brought in Jack Sustic (former curator of The National Arboretum in Wash D.C.), to put all the trees back together! Jack was a student of John Naka and one of the original people who helped Naka San originally create this forest planting! Hopefully this provides some inspiration to all of us! Please enjoy!

Here’s a link to the blog article posted by The Huntington and a link to the demo video:

The Huntington article on Goshin III

Hopefull you have Facebook:
Facebook Live Video of the Goshin III Demo

Lastly, here are some old pictures of John Naka, Jack Sustic and others who help put the trees together the first time around, back in 2000.


Wow thanks for these :+1: