Japanese Black Pine juvenile second flush

Hi - I followed the advice for handling multi-flush pines given by Mirari last year and everything worked out great. I got a second flush and it did fine through the winter. This year in early June I completed a 2nd round of fertilization, cut the candles and did some styling. As you can see the tree pushed a second flush but 90% of the growth looks juvenile.

My question is now what is the best way to care for this tree from this point? Since the tree went into recovery mode should I start fertilizing again? Do I do shoot selection in the fall or just wait until it has regained normal health to do any further work on the tree?

I think my mistake was taking too much off the tree after the first flush. I missed the shoot selection last fall so I tried to cut back to 2s at the same time I did the styling. I guess too much foliar mass came off the tree and it responded with panic mode. Either that or I removed too many needles from each location.

Any input would be appreciated.


It’s been about 3 weeks and I think I was overreacting a bit. I still think the new growth was juvenile. Some of the new green growth is not normal needles, more like needle shaped leaves, but mostly the now growth has turned out to be real needles. At least that is what it looks like now.