Initial styling

For limber and ponda pines.
Is now or once we go into fall (beginning) best time to do an initial styling?

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Nick - Here is what I have written down from the Long Needle Single Flush stream from 7/12/18 which had a Limber pine for the demo tree.

  • The best time to work is when they are dropping their needle sheaths. My guess is that it is now to late.
  • Can cut back once the candles form shoots & branches. This pushes the energy into many shorter needles rather than a few long ones if candles are being broken.
  • Pondarosa is cut back later in the year when they are shedding their 3rd year needles.
  • To get back budding, build strength - lots of needles, fertilize, layout to provide sun, get vascular growth over summer - this is what gives back budding
  • Need to cut back before the shoots start to become woody, 2 to 3 weeks after sheath drop, once it start to turn yellow vs. green it is too late