Initial styling (multi-trunk/bush)

Hey guys! I am new to bonsai Mirai, but have practiced some bonsai off and on for a few years. I just had a couple questions on how everyone is initially styling multi trunks or bushes. I have some azalea and rhododendrons in the yard that I want to dig up for some bonsai.

Are there any videos on multi trunk/ or bushes, I have already checked out the azalea videos on here. I know I could pretty much just cut off the other branches and pick the best trunk, but that’s pretty drastic. Especially for rhododendron bushes that have like 10+ main branches/trunks.

If I wanted multiple trees instead of a twin trunk for example, could you air later the other and get 2 trees?

Thanks for all of the help!

I don’t have any advice I can give from my own experience but there was a recent stream on clump style that sounds like it will help you out a lot! I second the air-layering idea too. I am about to try some myself as soon as the time is right.