How to encourage flowering?

I have a few magnolia bonsai trees. Every year they grow healthy but they don’t put out flowers. I’ve had them for 3 years and they are about 3 to 5 years old. Maybe it takes longer for them to start flowering but I’m wondering if there are ways to encourage flowers.

Magnolia ----- what?

Please say “Magnolia grandiflora” please oh please… (I’m kidding, but kind of not :wink: )

What is your hardiness zone? What do you feed it? What is the soil’s pH? Is it in full sun or shade?
(they like it warm; don’t forget your micronutrients; they like it acidic; they prefer the sun)

Many species of trees take years to develop before they will bloom. Magnolias, from what I can find, typically take 10 years before they bloom. That’s in the ground. In a pot and suffering the stresses we give our trees will throw the usual understanding out the window.

Side note: A friend couldn’t get his wisteria to bloom for the better part of a decade. When it did, he brought it to the next bonsai meeting and handed out cigars. He was a great guy.