How soon can I prune this Chinese Juniper?

Hi everyone. I have this cascade juniper and I am anxious to reduce the apex to encourage more growth in the cascade. When is the absolute soonest I can do this. I just watched Ryan’s video with the procumbins in which he clean-up the tree right after the new growth hardened. Can a Chinese Juniper be treated the same way? If not should I wait till late Summer?


Hi, your cascade isn’t a chinese juniper. It’s a juniper communis. If it would be my tree i would wait till early fall. Then you are definitely in the range of post-harden prune and the tree should be in an energy positive state again.

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Hi @ABrown. This is a needle juniper, more akin to the rigida with its needle growth rather than scale as on a Chinese juniper. There is a stream on pruning a rigida juniper which is really interesting and Ryan gives loads of information.
You haven’t said when you repotted and whether your tree has grown a lot this year so far.