Hinoki with two foilage types?

I was given this what we thought was a Golden cypress it’s a triple trunk with one very interesting trunk that looks like it was girdled and this trunk has different foilage then the other 2 ( golden). I was under the impression that this species (golden) is a mutation so it’s not grafted and the graft failed. Could the mutation be reverting back, the way dwarf Alberta spruce do after 30+ years? Or what’s the most likely explanation?

I originally thought about airlayering off and using the girdled base as a trunk but I am coming to find the two foilage types more appealing. just wish I understood the horticultural why behind it!

Sorry for the poor quality pics everything is healed in and hard to get to.

Hi NEBeech,
yes, its like the way the Alberta Spruce behaves.
very often the originally and stronger Chamacypris is breaking through. These branches will take over in future, so get rid of them…
This happens even, when the Hinoki is grafted.
I also don´t know why the Hinoki does that, but they do.
An airlayer might be fun… try it.

It’s one of the three trunks, instead of sacrificing it to be a dead trunk I might plant it in the ground and try to manage the strength and have an interesting garden tree. 2/3 hinoki golden shadow 1/3 standard hinoki.