Hinoki overwatering?

Just curious as to what’s going on here? The inner branches and foliage are turning yellow, then brown. I also have what I believe to be a Western redcedar exhibiting the same thing. Would this be a seasonal issue? This tree is new to me, but survived the hot summer well I thought.

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Most coniferous species drop their oldest foliage during the end of summer or during fall. These needles/pads were shaded out during the growing season and are the least photosyntheticly efficient so the tree discards them in fawor of the new foliage. The time varies from species to species.
If you can’t find any pests diseases and it’s all over the tree not just in a few places I wouldn’t worry about it.

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This happens every year. Very normal for Hinoki to do this in the fall, especially inner foliage.

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Yup fairly normal especially if it’s not event distributed.

If you don’t see other evidence of pests then it’s probably okay.

Okay, thanks! Kinda what I was guessing, but thanks for confirming. Will this back bud to fill in if I open it up more?

Unfortunately hinoki don’t back bud well. You have to preserve the foliage that you’ve got.

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Mid-summer light pruning of exterior foliage to maintain the silhouette can help.