Hinoki Obtusa Nana Nursery Stock Cutback

Just found this Hinoki Obtusa Nana at a nursery that would make an amazing formal upright bonsai. It has all the branching needed and an incredible nebari. Currently it stands about 6 feet tall in a 10 gallon container. The initial thought is to cut the trunk about three feet up where there is good branching for the apex. Also the root work to fit it in a large pot would be fairly aggressive.


The question is, will it survive this work or am I going to kill this tree buy doing this now? If not doable now, what would you do? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where it is still cool.



Being an elongating species, you probably want to pick to work either on the roots or foliage for this year but not both.

I’m assuming the buds are swelling and maybe just slightly pushing right now. This is a great time to do either of those things (but not both).

On the other hand, I have this tiny little 6” tall Hinoki (smaller than pencil size trunk) nursery stock that I cleaned, styled and repotted in January and it’s pushing healthy growth right now. So, I dunno. Depends on how much you want to risk.



Not sure that they are an elongating species, but I agree @nmhansen that it’s not good to work the roots and foliage at the same time.

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Hinoki is an elongating species. Just to letting you know.:metal:t2::evergreen_tree::grinning:


Thanks for the feedback! What would be better to do first? Getting it into the right pot or do the foliage work?

Since you plan on chopping about half the height off, I’d think you should do that first and maybe some initial styling too.

Potting will be extra difficult trying to maneuver extra weight around you don’t plan on using.

But either would be good now :slight_smile:

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Thanks @MtBakerBonsai :+1:

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