Hinoki Cypres Tempelhof colour on tips

An update on my nursery stock Hinoki Cypress ‘Tempelhof’.
It is midway through the first month of spring here in New Zealand and I have potted the tree into the pot shown yesterday. There was a very large root which prevented it getting as low in the pot as I would have liked but there is ample room around it with new soil for roots to grow so that large root will be remedied in the next re pot.

I am concerned with the coloration of the foliage tips as shown in the close up photos.
As you can see there is a significant bronzing occurring which has been deepening during the month. I have read that the Tempelhof variety can exhibit this color during winter however I purchased the tree from the nursery in winter and it was not showing this color until about a month ago.

My question is does this look like die back? It is currently sitting in shade and sheltered from wind and rain so it can recover from the re pot.

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Looks like winter color. Seems fine to me.



Thanks Ryan, I emailed the nursery I purchased the tree from and they confirm that is it case. Their trees are showing the same thing.

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