Hinoki apical design nuance

Can anyone describe what the nuance/difference is between hinoki and other species in terms of design of the apex? In the “Hinoki Aesthetics” livestream, Ryan said that apical design in Hinoki was a “whole different ballgame” (or something like that) from how apical design is achieved in other species, and that he would go over that in an extended archived version of the livestream once it was posted (he didn’t have time to do the apex on the tree during the livestream). However, there is no extension to the livestream that I can find in the archived version in the library. Nor is there anything I can find separately in the library regarding any particular difference in apical design specific to Hinoki. Can someone either point me to something in the library, or otherwise describe what the mystery nuance is?
Much appreciated.

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Hey man, so idk why it doesn’t come up when you search hinoki but if you search hinoki and click on the “hinoki aesthetic” video and then scroll down under the video there should be one called “apex creation”, this is the video you are looking for and its awesome, enjoy.


Ahhhh - cool. I knew it had to be there someplace. Thanks much for pointed it out!

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