Help....Zelkova leaves drying out

My recently purchased japanese zelkova seems to not be liking my climate i think…leaves are drying out but not yellowing…not sure what to do

Also I had up potted into 80% perlite 20% coco coir and it came here from the east coast and thats only thing I’ve done to it.

How much root work did you do when you repotted it? Was it in leaf when you repotted? Disturbance of the roots when in leaf will cause an issue with water uptake when either too dry or too wet. I would move it to partial shade and really watch the watering - rewater once the soil is starting to go from moist to dryish.

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It was last week when i got it i didn’t really do anything to the roots at all except up pot it…also they stay on my porch so its shaded all day except for getting morning sun.

Is your climate very dry? I have had problems with the leaves on my Zelkova crisping up in mid- to late summer, and we have wind and hardly any rainfall during that time. You might consider misting it morning and night.

Yeah its pretty dry here…Walla Walla Washington and temps been in the 90s lately so i will try to mist more thanks

I would add 80% perlite and 20% coco coir might not be the best soil mix for a zelkova in development.

For most deciduous trees, which will general move water quicker than conifers, I generally use 70% organic (such as coco coir) and 30% perlite mix. They will thrive with the increased water retention and nutrition of higher percentage of organic matter. I probably wouldn’t repot it now while it is weak but you could consider taking away some of the loose perlite on top and adding some more coco coir to augment the soil mix ratio a bit.

I will use a 70% perlite, 30% organic mix for pines though because they benefit from the increased drainage and aeration you get with a higher amount of perlite in the mix. Most pines move water slower and general tend more to the oxygen side of the water/oxygen balance.

Ah ok that makes sense…i was just using what the guy from Bonsaify uses with all his pre bonsai but his climate is a bit more humid than mine so I will repot once it gets stronger and a but more healthy.

Repot just before bud break in spring.

Quick update on my Zelkova…after leaves fell off there are a bunch of little buds breaking so maybe it was the stress of being shipped from eastcoast to westcoast and repotting…but its coming back I didn’t want to give up on it.

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