Help identifying juniper

I recently bought this lovely juniper. I was told that it was a blue star but I am not sure if that is actually the case. Can someone confirm this? I also didn’t find much information about Blue Star juniper as a bonsai. I guess it’s treated like any other elongating juniper but I am not sure. If anyone has any input I would really appreciate it. The tree needs pruning but I don’t want to do anything with it until I know how it needs to be handled.

Thank you!

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That is a Blue star Juniper (juniperus squamata). It is a needle juniper, so you might treat it as that.

Bought from nursery or an individual? Nursery labels should have the botanic name listed either under the marketing name or on the back of the label.

Interesting deadwood for a nursery grown plant?

Thank you!

This was a landscape tree about 30 years ago. I bought it from the person who collected it and cultivated it as a bonsai. He also carved the deadwood which is fantastic, at least to my eye.