Help Identifying a Yamadori

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Earlier this year I collected a few trees. One of these, pictured here, I was nearly certain is a subalpine fir. A friend of mine disagrees and believes it is a Douglas fir. Any suggestions? It was collected at an elevation of 8,300ft, in Colorado. Needles are soft, branches are very flexible, and bark is grey/blue. I am not sure the care requirements would change all that much, but all ideas as to the species would be appreciated. I already have a sub fir in my collection, and am basing my identification of this tree on what I have on hand (who knows, maybe I have been fooling myself for some time and really have a Doug fir).


Do you have a closeup picture of the foliage?

From what I can see it looks like it could be a Doug Fir, but a close-up of the foliage and buds would be helpful. It’s hard to tell for sure from this picture.

Here is a close up, sorry, system didn’t let me post more than one photo.

One more…

Definitely looks like Doug Fir. It has the reddish-brown pointy buds of a Doug Fir. Buds on a Subalpine Fir would be shorter, round and probably greenish. The needles also look like Doug Fir.

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Agree. Very Doug fir looking foliage.

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Awesome, thanks to you both for the help here!