Heat bed timing

Hey all! How long should I be leaving my newly potted tree in the heat pad? I can’t imagine I’ll leave it on till spring. It’s just a couple weeks OK?

I would leave them until you can insure root zone temperatures of at least 50F (10C) most of the time since that will allow root growth to continue. You don’t want to get the root growth started on the pad and then tell the tree to stop root growth by having the roots too cold.

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The closer the air temp gets to the root temp the less effective the het pad is. It is the delta of the warm roots form the heat-pad and cool air temp that gives it utility. From my understanding and if I got this wrong someone please inform me as well.
Right now in the Northeast I have -26F air temp and 82F on the heat, so this is great or perhaps its the only silver lining I could find in -26 F air temp

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That makes sense! I just need the room on the mat I’m potting like 40 trees so not sure if even a couple weeks is good to help the recovery. Just don’t have room for more heating tables…