HB101 sodium levels

After watching the groundbreaking nutrition lecture I am going to take a lot more care about what I feed the trees.

I have just purchased HB101 and after reading the ingredients and nutrition sheets should I be worried about sodium being so high?

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Considering my sodium level in my water is about 60ppm and considered high, me personally, I would probably avoid something with that salt content.

I think the ultimate goal is under 25ppm. Seems darn near impossible for me. Ha!

To be honest I wouldn’t be unless you are applying it to your trees undiluted. What are do dilution instructions say?

Basically the list of ingredients are saying there are 155.3mg of sodium in 1 gallon of HB101. So unless you pour the 1 gallon of HB101 on to your tree you will not be adding 155.3mg of sodium.

If you covert it to parts per million it is about 41 ppm.
The converter wanted grams
155.3mg = 0.1553g
How to convert Grams Per Gallon to Parts Per Million (g/gal to ppm)?
1 g/gal = 264.17205235815 ppm.
.1553 x 264.17205235815 ppm = 41.02591973122 Parts Per Million.

The one warning is that I do not know which gallons the HB101 is using, I’ve assumed US. If it is US Gallons there are 3.5l to 1 gallon. If it is UK gallons it will be 4.5l to 1 gallon. The difference isn’t too much, 34ppm total if UK Gallons,

Unit converter this site seems good enough.


I thought someone else might be able to break it down further to make sense :nerd_face:

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Hi together,

just a general question, I here Ryan talk a lot about the nutrition study he did but not find
any content about it in the library.
Now Michael mentioned watching the nutrition lecture.
So were in the library can I find it, or is ist pro content only?


If you go to the library and filter for techniques/horticulture/ fertilisation you should find it.

It should also work with this link:


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Not concerned, but it doesn’t make sense. If you buy commercial grade agriculture/horticulture water-soluble fertilizer, their main selling point is being low sodium. Sodium is almost useless and just something that can cause salt stress, since you have other salts present that actually are nutrients a plant needs. So the best thing you can do when producing a chemical fertilizer is to be low sodium. When an expensive Japanese-import product has sodium as the main ingredient, then that’s quite odd and an indication you are wasting your money buying this product.

Thanks Grif,

but unfortunately not luck with finding it.
I filtered as you stated and did not find anything about nutritions.

I am not a pro member, maybe that’s the problem, but that would be really said
if I am not allowed to see this content.