Guidance on Shade Clothe

I live in the southwest and have various species of bonsais. I am thinking I need to cover them with shade clothe. Can anyone provide recommendations regarding shade clothe? Necessity. Type. Etc, Etc.

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Depends on where you live and temperatures.

Here are a few questions that will help people guide advice to give you:

How often are you/can you water?
Are you home all day to be able to water several times a day, do you use automatic watering?
What soil mix are you using?
What types of sensitive plants do you have that might need extra protection?
Where are you located more specifically?
What are you yearly high temperatures and for how long?

All that said, I would say anywhere from 30% - 50% shade cloth is usually necessary during summer months if you live in a very warm deserty area. This changes a tad bit depending on soil type, watering frequency, presence of constant wind, and a few other things, but is a good rule of thumb.