Ground layer mugo pine

I have this mugo pine and id like to get the whorl of branches that is at the ground rooted the and and then developed the tree as a clump/raft .
what is the best way to get started with this. I’m going to be reporting soon to get out of the nursery social mix it’s in. So this is all far into the future. Thanks for the help.


I wouldn’t try to do it in bonsai pot. Oversized grow box or ideally in the ground. I would makes some abrasions on the underside of parts you want to root and add a thin layer of sphagnum moss right before I started to build back up to the soil line. I haven’t actually done this but that’s how I would do it!

Everyone is about to tell you it’s extremely hard to get pines to root.
They are not wrong but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

Hopefully someone who has some experience will chime in.

Well… I guess, I have done this…with elongating species…just not a pine

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That’s pretty much what I did save the spagnim but I can probably tuck some in still yet