Greenhouse Watering Stream

I just watched the Greenhouse watering feature from Jan. 19, 2022. @Ira what is the target bench height temperature for the greenhouses at Mirai?

Hi Marty. Sorry for the delayed response on this. The greenhouse at Mirai is set around 38-40 Degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature in the greenhouse at Mirai is monitored at/near bench height by the thermostats (note that there are various heights of benches in the greenhouse). The temperature setting can vary based on the time of the year throughout the winter season as I understand it (colder earlier in the season and warmer later during that time). If you’re looking for more detail on this, please reach out again, or post on one of the Q&As. Ryan would definitely have more detail to offer on this. Take care, Ira.


Ira - Thanks, that makes sense and is helpful, particularly the bit about increasing the temperature through the season.

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