Green Island Ficus

Trunk is forearm size. Lemme know what you think, she’s wild!


The general shape is great.

I’m not a fan of roots coming off the upper side of the trunk. I’d remove those.

The remaining roots need some detangling. Instead of the long roots follow the trunk down to the pot, have them descend straight down.

This is what I do with my own Green Islands. Aerial roots are often popping out on the tops of trunks.


Completely agree with you on all fronts. I did a lot to the tree at one time, so the glaring issues were less pronounced to me. Its one of the reasons I like taking nice pictures of my trees, I see things in photos that I don’t necessarily see in real time.

This tree was very very wild just a day before this picture.

My eyes are very forgiving of a tree’s flaws. I think it has something to do with stereoscopic vision. A little movement of the head, and the flaws don’t seem to matter. Once I take a picture, all the flaws pop out like crazy. Photography is a very unforgiving medium.

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Trucking along.